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Adenan + Angeline
Because of the amount of weddings I had to shoot these few months, I didn't get the chance to meet with all of the couples before their big day. Like Adenan and Angeline, I didn't get the chance to meet with them until the morning of their wedding in Bali. As it turned out Adenan's sisters were friends of mine back in my high school days and Angeline's brother was a friend of mine whom i haven't met for a long time. What a pleasant surprise. Needless to say, we connected right away. So in that extremely beautiful sunny (and hot) day we partied, Bali style! Adenan, or Nanan is an extrovert who loves to party, in fact, his whole family really knows how to have fun and party! And together with Angeline, who's always up for anything fun, they make a perfect couple for us to shoot on their big day. So we had plenty of fun the whole day, endured the heat of the afternoon, and we partied the night away. All in all, i'd say it was a typical AXIOO kinda day.. Cheers to the happy couple Nanan and Angel!