Rudy & Intan

The Wedding
These two love birds had their pre-wedding photo session taken in Melbourne a while back, now you get to see a snapshot of their wedding day. It was a lovely day. The bride, Intan wore refreshing color dress in the morning, not your typical wedding. Then for the evening ceremony she opted for a more elegant wedding dress that wowed us all. Apparently Rudy's parents and my parents have been buddies for decades. Who would have thought that one day I get to shoot for them. As usual the tea ceremony resulted in the much fanfare and tons of cash (and gold) for the happy couple. That's one the things I like about the Chinese tradition. Not only families congratulate the couple, but their well wishes are always accompanied by loads of presents, mostly in gold, jewelry and cash. All that in exchange for a cup of tea that Rudy & Intan has to serve. Isn't that amazing! Kids have their share of fun too. For all the younger or unmarried family member will get a portion of 'angpao', as a way to wish them good luck in their relationships. It's a grand celebration, so much good food going around, guests came in their best dresses, all wanting to wish Rudy & Intan the best in their journey together. The dinner party led on to a crazier after party. Ok here's where the couple really had fun, since for the most part, they were only shaking hands with thousands of guests (some of which they might not recognize), now they get to mingle with their close friends. Music & booze go well together, we seem to shoot a whole lot more during after party when people are so cheerful. Enjoy :)