Daniel & Phoebe

The Wedding
With Christmas coming up, I'm reminded of the song "Santa Claus is coming to town". So we're also making a list checking it twice, and oops looks like we've been rather naughty to have left out quite a number of weddings that has not been posted on our blog. It's a shame to keep all these to ourselves, so why not share it with the world. Especially this intimate wedding of Phoebe & Dan :) Looking through these photos took me right back to their sweet and intimate wedding moments. They must be the sweetest couple ever!! My heart melts to see how they are still so head over heels with each other, as if they have just fallen in love, when in fact they have been dating for about 10 years now. I just love the way Dan looks at Phoebe. Throughout the day, I could almost hear Dan saying "I'm the luckiest guy to marry you". Well of course he didn't have to say it out loud, a glance at him and you'll know what I mean. Their wedding was held in Dharmawangsa Hotel, starting with the garden ceremony, then followed by a grand reception at the ballroom. Friends and family from near or far really came to celebrate their union, most of them even stayed for the after party. That's when everyone let loose and dance the night away. By the way last weekend I bumped into them in Paulaner, and so thrilled to find out that little Phoebe or little Dan is coming soon to join their family. Big hugs guys and congratulations!!