Congrats Atin!

David + Caterine SDE
Last weekend we shot one of our most memorable and emotional weddings. Not just because the couple was so cool, and the parents and family were super nice, but also because we were shooting one of our own family, yep, AXIOO video dept. BIG happy family. Caterine, or Atin joined us the beginning of this year, and straight away made an impact to the team. Coming from advertisement background, she brought with her the speed and the cinematographic standard of advertisement into our video edits. Not only was she excellent in her work, she was also one of the nicest person to be around with. In short, we absolutely love her! Last weekend we drove to Bandung to shoot her 2 days wedding celebration. And yes, we wanted it to be special for her, so we put our heads together to come up with something that would be memorable for her, it's the least that we can do for her after all the things that she had given to our company. We just want to say again congratulations to both of you David and Caterine, may you find the joy of discovering each other every single day of your lives together. For the rest of you reading, enjoy this clip!