Adrian & Jeanny

The Wedding
We first met Jeanny during a gig we did together in Bali. I was shooting for Lydia & Benny's wedding, while she did a stunning decor, and even dressed up to attend the wedding. I was amazed at how much details she put into making that wedding a success. Running back and forth to multiple venues, she managed to surprise all of us with a romantic decor in the chapel and the garden reception. I knew I would work together with her a whole lot more. After a few times bumping into each other in Bali, she then told me that she's getting married. Instantly I jumped into it, i knew she would have a great taste in preparing for her own wedding. And I was right. Every now and then I get to shoot for a couple like Adrian & Jeanny who has tons of ideas for their own photos, they even came prepared with some props to shoot their portraits during the break. Always ready, their smile was so inviting and kept me glued to their every move. It's a joy to shoot for them. Now that they both live in Jakarta, I hope to bump into them more often. May it be work or just a casual chat in the mall. We always have a good laugh together. So once again, congratulations on your wedding. We wish you a beautiful journey as husband and wife :)