Andy & Margie

The Wedding
After seeing Andy & Margie's pre-wedding photos taken by Ivan in Japan, I knew their wedding will be a day full of laughter. This super cheerful couple are so head over heels with each other. They seem to have extra batteries hidden somewhere to power them through the whole day. Smiling from ear to ear every time I steal a glance at them. In the morning, Margie's sister and bridesmaids colors the day not only with their bright yellow dresses but more than that their presence made this wedding a whole lot more fun. They have a little surprise pranks for Andy & his buddies, who had to wiggle through a song in the silliest witch costume before they get their pass to see the bride. Of course Andy will do anything to earn that. He joyfully obeyed, continuously shaking from head to toe, setting the playful mood for the whole day. The church ceremony was no different, it's not one of those 'solemn, you can't say a word' type of service. The pastor knew them personally and delivered a heartfelt sermon that I'm sure Andy & Margie will remember for years to come. I love the shot when Margie sneak a peek at the wedding decoration. As she steps into the ballroom, her eyes filled with awe, seeing more than she expected. She fully trusted Yu Cien (Lotus Design), her decorator for an out of this world garden fantasy idea. The Hotel Kempinski Jakarta Ballroom was transformed into something magical. Larger than life flowers adorned the stage, while a list of other intricate creative flower arrangements kept the guest busy snapping their own photos. Most of all, I totally enjoyed the wedding day. They have no worries, take things easy, always cheerful and in the best mood through out the day. May your marriage be filled with joy and laughter, even more than your wedding day. We're so happy for you :)