Rock n Rolla

Joshua & Yuliana
What if you are late for your pre wedding shooting? Don't worry, keep smiling and go all out! That's what i learn from Joshua and Yuliana, though we started very late because things happened to them, they were very calm and kept smiling all day long :) Joshua is a musician and also a vocal teacher along with Yuliana who's in the same ministry with him. It's not everyday that i get guys comes more prepared & excited for the photoshoot in Bali than the girl. Most often it's the other way around. It's wonderful to capture their chemistry, and i'm still amazed we got so many great shots within such a short period of time. The surprise of the night is when Joshua presented a ring to Yuliana during dinner. She has that confused look on her face, 'what's that dessert? why does it look like a ring?' Congratulations to both of you for a rock & rolla years ahead. ps: thanks to Adeline for the make up.