Africa Trip II

Jefri & Cecil
With much anticipation we have waited to roll out these images of Jefri & Cecil in South Africa. We traveled together for a week, roaming through Cape Town, Outshoorn, Port Elizabeth and many wineries in between. We have always been curious what it's like in South Africa. All the planning finally comes down to this. South Africa is so full of surprises. Who would have thought that there's Sakura "Cherry Blossom" in full bloom during our trip? We had close encounters with Humpback whales during our drive along the Cape Peninsula. We fished for Snoek, a type of Barracuda predator fish and BBQ them for dinner, courtesy of Mr. B and the wonderful team at Cape Heritage Hotel. We did our share of wine tasting in the local wineries, and of course bought more than enough wines to enjoy it back in our hotel. Along with Edrick & Anita (another lovely couple), we drove around South Africa, totally relying on our GPS. With a few bottles of wines & cheese and thanks to our of DJ in the car, we blast our drives into Karaoke sessions. Our little "Rainbow" incident is unforgettable, *ask Anita about it. For two nights, we stayed in tents at Buffalo Drift Game Lodge. It's a five star tents that's complete with bathtub and great views. The wildlife is so rich, made us realize that we are sharing the planet with them. Shooting for Cecil is a breeze, she's that sweet girl who always knows what to do, how to pose...our ideal model. Well Jeff is not like her, but he does try his best and get a hang of our long as we promise him good food at the end of the day, he'll play along. The fun part is shooting them together, seeing how they tease each know they're in love. The memories during this trip makes these photos even more meaningful. We were there to have fun, enjoy ourselves and at the same time create stunning photos. We did them all.