Love Inside Out

Charlie & Felicia

I met Charlie & Felicia for the first time at Senayan City, and i remember they brought us a big box of "kerupuk udang". Then for another meeting they brought us a cake. and so on...just wondering if they always bring something when we have a meeting with them. That's so very generous of them ha ha :) I just got back from Surabaya last week to shoot their wedding in Surabaya and met with their big and warm family.

After a few possible places for their pre-wedding destination, we decided to shoot in Singapore. And for the very first time...i shoot and drive a Ferrari *i can get used to this :) Charlie has a thing with Ferrari, and now i know why. It's addictive, and now i can't get it out of my head. For now, it's on my wish list.

Charlie & Felicia is one of a know what? They have never kiss before this photoshoot, i'm the one who break their rules ha ha ha...but it just a lil innocent kiss. So, congrats again for your wedding and welcome to club!