Queenstown Memories

Jhonny & Irene

Now i know why Jhonny & Irene picked Queenstown NZ for their pre-wedding destination. It's absolutely beautiful!! Their love for nature and fresh sceneries sets Queenstown as the perfect destination. This is my first trip ever to New Zealand, and i'll definitely come back for more. Not sure if it's the golden color that's so inviting or the good weather that we were blessed with, or is it just being in the presence of a loving couple that made this photo shoot a memorable one. 

Queenstown is synonymous natural beauty, surrounded by majestic mountains and nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu (interesting name for a lake, that kinda sound like 'Wah Ketipu") It seems like whichever direction we turn, there's a photo opportunity...the real challenge is choosing what not to shot. We had a great time together in Queenstown. Roamed around the vineyards, lakes and of course said Hi to the countless sheeps. The excitement kept us going though some parts of the town was flooded.

When shooting in a totally new place, having a local insight is priceless. Since Jhonny & Irene have been here for a few times, that automatically qualifies them as our local guide :) Big thanks to Irene's sister Evelyn & auntie who's presence made a big difference during our trip. I'm so looking forward to witness your wedding day. Cheers, Paulus ;)