A night in Luxembourg

From Champagne, we continue east towards Germany then decided to stay overnight in Luxembourg. We knew very little about Luxembourg. It wasn't even in our original plan. But we thought since it lies at the border of France and Germany, that would be a nice resting place for the night before continuing on the next morning to Trier. We arrived in the evening and got a chance to roam around the charming old city center. 

Did you know that Luxembourg has the most Michelin star restaurant per head in any country? I find that very interesting. So without hesitation, we made a reservation at the famous Mosconi. Here's a charming little description of Mosconi restaurant that I can't refuse, tucked away in the Gründ valley beside the water in a village setting, yet in the very center of Luxembourg in the old brewers' quarter. In this idyllic environment Ilario and Simonetta Mosconi have taken over a charming house that is a classified historic building. Ilario Mosconi's gastronomic philosophy and creativity are based on continuity and a respect for the traditions of Italian Haute Cuisine. He draws his inspiration from the quality of his ingredients and shows great respect in his choice of flavorings to accompany them. Each creation, each dish, is an invitation to smell, taste and savor.

That night I ordered the house special, which was apprently has a lot to do with tomatoes. Starting from the appetizers, eight different preparations of tomatoes (I didn't know there's so many ways to eat it). There's the tomato jelly, tomato mousse, tomato grilled with pesto, tomato with King Crab, and the one with cheese. With each bite, i'm thinking this is a creative dish, using whatever fresh ingredient and add a little twist to make it memorable.

The main course is good, but nothing compares to the appetizer and desserts. For dessert, I had another playful tomato dessert. The chef had baked tomato stuffed with pears, apple and nuts then finish it with a few slices of lemon zest. The best is Fen's dessert!! Crispy hot chocolate cake with melting dark chocolate oozing from within....it's definitely the best!

By now, you know our definition of holiday, we keep eating from the moment we wake up until it won't fit it any more. It's all good :)