I love Paris in the Summer

We have been waiting for this summer holiday. For the past few months, our schedule has been hectic, and this is our chance to clear it out and have some 'we' time. For those who are married, you know what I mean...we all need a little escape from our day to day routine to just enjoy each other. 

This time we decided not to plan the trip, not to book the hotels, but instead go with our instinct. Our first stop is Paris. We've been here for a few times now, so we'll just make this our pit stop before heading out east to Germany (or perhaps Prague too). Day one of our trip, we roam around Marais district wiht my favorite LOMO LCA + instant back and snap a few shots. Little shops and art galleries lined the Marais district porvided us with endless amusement. Through the years, we knew time really flies when we're having fun, so this time we're not trusting our memory, instead let the camera capture the details of our trip. 

The next day, we start driving east, originally planned to go to Trier but instead we ended up in Luxembourg for the night (more on this later). A little more than an hour east of Paris, we reached Reims, the city in Champagne region, yes yes Champagne as the one we know it. We drop by to Veuve Clicqout Boutique, and was recommended to a famous Le Jardin Restaurant for lunch. One of the best lunch during this trip. Love that Rock Melon + Parma Ham for appertizer!!  

ps: check out our stay in Mama Shelter, that's the hotel name (i know it's a weird name, but kinda cute) apparently designed by Philippe Starck.