Fly with You

Damian & Tiffany

When people asked me about my favorite countries, i must say Hongkong is top of that list. I've been there many times now, but this time it's different. This trip i tried soooo many good food compare to my last visits to Hongkong. Whoever said Hongkong and food are're right. Where else can you find people having Shabu-shabu at 4 am? 

Allow me to introduce to you one of the youngest pilot in Cathay Pacific, Damian and his wonderful fiance, Tiffany. Their love story is one of a kind, unbelievably sweet especially knowing that they came from different backgrounds. Damien from Swiss and Tiffany from Singapore, somehow as fate has it, they met in Hongkong. For their photo shoot, we traceback to all their memorable places.

I'm impressed that considering their busy schedules, they still have time to serve as leaders in church, building people's life. Good on you guys ;)

Here's their love story, enjoy!