Vancouver Love Story

Kevin & Jennifer

O how i miss Vancouver...thanks to Kevin & Jennifer who invited me over to shoot their pre-wedding session, i'm in love with the city all over again. Having lived in Vancouver for many years, this is home for Kevin & Jennifer. As for me, Vancouver has always been my weekend getaway during my college years in Seattle. It's the one city where i could just get away, shop and eat all day long. For those who have been there, you'll know what I mean. The city has always been voted as one of the most livable.

During our session, we get a lot of help from their friends Stephanie and Abraham, who volunteered to help with make up and also be the driver. You guys helped a lot! That day was a typical pacific northwest weather, meaning it's cloudy and drizzling all day long. No complaints...i miss this kind of weather. Makes me feel like sipping a hot chocolate and read a book by the window. But that's not gonna happen, so we still continue shooting no matter what.

In the afternoon we quickly drive down to White Rock, before the sun sets (but since it's a cloudy day, that won't make much of a difference). I love this series taken at West Beach :) 

Ahh this scene with the balloons...i won't forget the three guys (Kevin, Abraham & I) trying to get the balloons ready and we almost lost the whole bunch. In Jakarta we get a lot of help from the Balloon Man, but now we have to do it all ourselves, even rented a tank of helium for this shot. It's worth it. 

Another skill photographers must have...climb a tree :)

Scenes from Granville Public Market. This is the one place i really miss. I'm a sucker for fresh fruits, I ate a whole bag of cherries ;)

I'm so impressed with Lynn Steven Boutique to come up with this idea of using 60,000 books stacked to make the coolest changing room! Isn't that awesome?! Thanks to Nicole for allowing us messing up in your beautiful store. Vancouver's Gastown district is full of hip fashion and interior stores..i wish i have more time to check them out one by one.

Elvis and his asian brother :)

Looking at the clock, Jennifer is no's past midnight and we're still eager to get more shots. I'm so glad we did it. Totally enjoyed our time together in Vancouver. Next time i'm in town, we should hang out and have food tour ok.