Charmed Life

Melvin & Davita

For Melvin & Davita's pre-wedding, we head down to Melbourne and come up with quite a range of shots. From casual dating spots over lunch and in the garden, then a walk on the beach to even a 'fairytale' inspired wedding day with the horse carriage. Everything seems to go very well for this two lovebirds. Perfect weather, just the right amount of sunlight and of course the birds flying over them on the beach made that shot more romantic. 

We've known Davita and her family for a while now, and it's safe to say they have a charmed life. We did their parent's 25th Anniversary celebration a while back, and saw how real love last through time. We get a few tips on lasting relationships from her parents. Davita is blessed in everyway, and now she's tying the knot with Melvin, a charming and thoughtful man. Congrats! We wish you both a lifetime of wonders :)

I looooove this shot. So casual, shot in the favorite burger spot in Melbourne. *Confession...i came back twice during this trip to eat the 'Mighty Melbourne' burger. Try it when you're in town.