Kay & Wenny

The Wedding

It's a good thing that Wenny came over to our office yesterday, going over the design for her weddingbook. One thing lead to another we realized that her wedding pics has not been published on our blog yet. Big ooops on our part, coz you'll love the details of their wedding ;)

Wenny is a joy to shoot, whichever way she moves there's always a photo moment. Kay has been smiling from ear to ear all day, i don't know where he gets his energy...i guess there's no better day to be this happy than your wedding day. 

Other than the bride & groom, the next happiest person that day seems to be Kay's sister :) 

Decor by Lotus Design

Dress: Rusly Tjohnardi

Make up: Lisa Luvaze

Decor: Lotus Design

Venue: Ritz Carlton Kuningan, Jakarta