Vegas baby!

Jonas & Irene

Months ago i was introduced to this couple who chose the North Pole for their Christmas holiday destination. North Pole? Hmm...interesting choice, must be an interesting couple...and I was right. For Jonas & Irene, we had their pre-wedding photo session in LA & Vegas. Conciously trying to stay out of the usual city landmarks, we roam around any random places that we can have fun.

Here's a few shots at the Ghost Town at Nelson, Nevada...

This is one new kissing pose we came up with. Who would have thought Jonas is so acrobatic?

My favorite :)

After a long day, we had a big dinner at Hooters and of course grab a poses with their famous Hooters girls, but that's not going in our blog. So instead we got sneaky and squeeze some shots at the casino..then run before the security notice us :p

My first sighting of lemon tree, so adorably yellow and you can almost taste how refreshingly sour it is.

Our dream ride from LA to Vegas, a yellow Hummer :) We've always wanted to get a Hummer, so before finally getting one it's a good idea to try it while we can. Still our dream matter how fuel inefficient it is.

note: if you wonder why some of the comments were months ago, or perhaps you've seen this post before is because we posted this at the end of April before their wedding then unpublished it. Now posting this again when their wedding is done ;)