Rivals in Love

Andry & Lien

Hey hey hey...let's meet the energic couple Andry and Lien. During our first meeting i didn't notice how 'crazy' Andry' is...until the photo session. When we found out that Lien works in Singapore Airlines...we knew we just had to shoot her in uniform. Lien you are Axioo's Stewardess of the year :) 

Here's Liverpool VS Chelsea, though rivals in the English League, their fans happens to be in love. Both of you must have been very dissapointed with the English team losing out in this World Cup. By the way, i love Andry's make up...you should have that on often :0

That day, we had so much fun and laughter a lot during the photoshoot. Hmm, this is always the case when i'm shooting, we laugh more than we shoot. In this series, you'll find the fun and quirkiness of Andry and Lien...hope you'll enjoy it!

Ivan OUT!


Make up by: Lisa Luvaze