Come Away with Me

Ino & Cheery

When Ino first said he wanted to shoot their pre-wedding in Raja Ampat, Irian...i thought he's only kidding. I entertained the idea for a while, then googled "Raja Ampat. By the time the first images came up, i'm already sold, i'm in...let's do this!! Irian is the eastern most island of Indonesia's archipelago. Did you know that we have over 13,000 islands? And it would probably take a lifetime to explore each one. So why not start now ;)

This trip is more than just a pre-wedding photo session. It's an eye opening experience to see how rich Indonesia is. Our crystal clear waters, rich corals, and most bio-diverse marine region on earth makes it look like heaven on earth. For honeymooners, you have to make check it out.

Ino & Cheery is a happy go lucky couple who's just happy to be together, no matter where we'll shoot their pre-wedding. For the whole time we were with them, we enjoyed how candid and intimate they are. Time time we had no specific schedules, we totally go with the flow. Started out with hours of island hopping, fishing, snorkeling and more shooting in the Misool Eco Resort...all that matters is we all had a great time. 

Be sure to watch their pre-wedding video, you'll get a glimpse of how beautiful Raja Ampat is. Last i heard, it is the best diving spot in the world!

Sutrisno & Cherry Pre-wed from Axioo on Vimeo.