Omoide Ga Ippai

James & Vania

Omoide Ga Ippai means full of memories and that is Japan :) Here's the energic couple James and Vania, this is the first time for James visiting Japan but Vania is addicted to this country and she always come to visit every year. Actually her obsession over Japan was what gave the idea for us to shoot their prewedding in Japan.

I was amazed listening to Vania speaking fluent Japanese and to prove that she is a Japan freak, she wrote a blog about her experience in this country. If you are planning to visit Japan, you should visit her blog and believe me you will learn a lot about Japan. Our session was absolutely fabulous, though a little bit rainy and windy but hey we had so much fun :) I hope u enjoy James & Vania series of their pre-wedding shoot...and i can"t wait for their big day.

Their wedding is gonna be on August 7th and look what we got....:) 

I must say March or April is the best time to visit Japan, the weather is awesome and of course the cherry blossoms are all over Japan. I love everything about Japan, the people, buildings, culture, markets, shopping, but most of all, i adore their unique and creative sense of fashion. Every part of Tokyo has their own uniqueness, that's what makes this city so rich and colorful. Japan is the place where you can find good food, in fact i gain lots of weight from this trip. You'll love Japan! 

The famous street at Harajuku, Takeshita-Dori...

I called this "never die street", there's a tons of people at Shibuya

The famous Cherry Blossom tree at Gyoen Park, Shinjuku...


Sayonara :)