One way, all the way

Ken & Celine

Ken & Celine give a whole new meaning having 'fun', a little too much fun...but i think that's how it should be. They came with lots of wardrobe and tons of personality. Always willing to try anything...sometimes even before i finish a sentence, they're already on it. Love the spontaneity and energy of this series!! 

Ken is a fellow photographer based in Sydney, his works are awesome!! Both of them living in Sydney, enjoying the laid back life in down under. All of the locations chosen are some random spots you'll find in Sydney, instead of the iconic touristy ones (thumbs up for the locals). I notice we get a whole lot more of them this way, focusing on their chemistry and personality. 

This time around, we played around with a LOMO photography look. I've been a Lomo fan for many years now, collecting and playing with almost all Lomo camera, you name it, we have it. Been shooting with Lomo for our holidays, but i think it's time that Lomo gets a chance for pre-wedding photos. I love this crazy, instant, no brainer, wacky color Lomo look! Go check out the Lomo site, you'll fall in love with it too.



It's a real treat when Ken's buddy offered to let us use their Mini Cooper for our session. You remember that scene in Mr. Bean when he was getting ready in the car, brushing his teeth and all? We had Ken shave :) And he said yes to anything.