You, Me & Piggies

Adrian & Sisca

Here's a second installment of Adrian & Sisca photos, and you guessed it right...this time a couple of pigs came along for the shoot. Their obsession with pigs came up during our concept meeting, starting from soft toys, high school nickname and yes both born in the year of pig. So we started auditioning and found two lovely pigs to play along with them. Next up, we'll bring elephant & giraffe for our shoot (just kidding..)

By the way, these pigs aren't trained for photo shoot, not like the ones in Babe the movie. The pillows surely helped getting them to stay still for a while.

Sunbathing with the pigs.

Here comes to bride...what a contrasting idea to shoot in a day. Sisca look stunning in her wedding dress. Word of advice to Adrian, you better prepare your vow before you're frozen in the altar.


Make up by: Lisa Luvaze