tuk tuk tuk..

Adrian & Sisca

A few months ago we shot for Adrian & Siska pre-wedding session in Bangkok, a land of smiles, great food and shopping heaven. We love Bangkok. No matter what happened the last few weeks, with the riots and unrest, we believe Bangkok will spring back in no time (we've even booked tickets to go there again).

For Adrian & Siska, it really doesn't matter where they have their pre-wedding session. In a random conversation, we decided to have it in Bangkok. They are the type that's always cheerful, playful and so ready for the camera. Not wanting to be somebody else, they both actively came up with ideas and poses. Looking at their photos, you can't help but smile. When couples have this much fun, it's contagious and addictive for me to keep shooting. We actually did another session in Jakarta, which has to go on another post.

We even got the Tuk Tuk driver to laugh. Oh yes, on another occasion at night right after dinner we had our mini Tuk Tuk race..which didn't end up well. Adrian's Tuk Tuk pulled some cool tricks but instead their engine broke down and had to be rescued. For those who are not familiar what is a Tuk Tuk...please click here for a wikipedia explaination.

Ok this is pure silliness...100% Adrian & Sisca!

Here's goes the story of two little pigs that goes everywhere together. You'll find the continuation in their next post.