Enchanting Glamour

Steven & Stefani

Woohaaa....it's been a while since my last blog. Been away for a while for trips to Sydney, Melbourne and then a sun tanning pre-wedding to Raja Ampat in Irian. Of which i'll get to post them soon :)

But for now here's Steven & Stefani portraits with a dash of romantic glamour and a twist of humor. I'm noticing a trend here, it used to be the girls who are more excited, knows exactly what they want for their pre-wedding photos, what to wear, where to shoot, how it will all turn out. Lately it's slowly changing...the guys want a piece of the action too. Especially Steven who loves photography, he's so into planning for this shoot, from what he'll be wearing and even checked out the locations first. Thumbs up to both of you.

So we invite all guys to jump in and have fun planning for your pre-wedding photos. You'll cherish your moments and even say 'That's my idea'.