Goofy dates

Herman & Fenny

Did i say it often enough that we love Bali? Yes yes...we love Bali! Only an hour away from Jakarta, yet a world of a difference. As soon as you land, you get a feeling that you're on holiday. That's the magic of Bali. We have shot plenty of pre-weddings in Bali, and we'll do much more.

For Herman & Fenny, this is how they wanted it...capturing their goofy dates & funny moments. How often do you see a Vespa Sidecar? So we jumped with excitement once we saw it, gotta have it!! Love color too. When coming up with ideas for their pre-wedding shoot, both Herman & Fenny wanted something light, funny, colorful and yet romantic. So here's what we did :) Enjoy...

I can't believe we get this angle!

This is Herman & Fenny in their goofiest it!

Make up by: Yeanne