Home Sweet Home

Alvin & Daisy

Here’s Alvin and Daisy's pre-wedding shoot. Got a surprise call one day from Kinsky that i'm about to do a shoot for Alvin, who apparently is David's buddy in Seattle. The challenge is to come up with ideas shooting a day in their home...so we came up with "Home Sweet Home" concept. What do couples do together at home? Fun day at the car wash, cooking together, play music even chilling at the roof top (of course gotta spice things up a little). I love this series. It's interesting when couple shoot their pre-wedding at their real hang out spots, their home....made these moments look so real. Enjoy :)

Ivan Out!

Hey it's Polo...cool and active dog :) 

One out of so many reason why Alvin fall in love with Daisy...Piano :)