For better for worse..

Teddy & Paula

Hey guys, it's me Paulus. Some of u may remember our wedding in November last year. Now its time for our bestman (Teddy) and bridesmaid (Paula) to tie the knot. We've been friends for a while now. Here's a little bit about them, Paula, a sentimental, fashionable, crazy gothic lolita girl and Teddy, easy going, noodle maniac, graphic master, straight to the point guy. They both came up with this amazing concept. Both of them are a tattoo lover, so they decided to shoot their photos at Rock n Roll Tattoo. They got their vows inked on their arms. ( So romantic!!! ) They also got a giant teddy bear for their photoshoot called "puqpuq". This teddy was an anniversarry gift from Teddy to Paula.I had so much fun taking their photos mostly because they're not the all smiley couple, but they're more dark n artsy one.. So its quite a change for me from the usual. With their love for the 50's and black n white colors, here's a series that really shows their personality..