Adrian & Sanny

The Wedding

By now we have more than 10,000 photos of Adrian & Sanny :) After shooting their pre-wedding in Singapore months earlier, we keep looking forward to their wedding. From the start i knew it's going to be fun filled day. They are by far the most cheerful couple ever, giggling and laughing all day. There never seem a moment when we can let our camera down being with these guys, there's always something happening if not they will come up with funny poses that gets us on our toes.

As we post these images, Adrian is continuing his medical school in the Philipines and of course Sanny is by his side. I hope Adrian's is picking up his tagalog fast to survive there. Cheers guys..

Oh how i wish i can show you their entrance (we'll update you with the video soon), anyway they both hop to the beat of "I've gotta felling" and got everyone excited for the party.

Ok here's what you don't see in every wedding. Adrian & Sanny did a jaw dropping surprise dance for the guests. He started out with M.J. moves and she came in with a bang! What a spectacular show, they brought the house down with a standing ovation. Awesome guys!


Enjoy some scenes from our Wacky Booth...friends got carried away :)