Crazily in Love

Nico & Emil

Caution!! These images below are NOT your typical pre-wedding photos. Take a deep breath and enjoy :)

For Nico & Emil, together we came up with the craziest mix of ideas to show who they are. Each with a color of their own, but together they are truly one of a kind. Emil is gorgeous, when I first met her I really thought she's model or miss beauty queen. She's elegant, edgy and yet quirky...who would have thought she's a doctor. Nico is all out wacky, funny and full of expression. It's been a while since i know someone like Nico, he reminds me of Ivan our uber-hyper-creative photographer. 

Nico's dream shot!! He specifically asked for a Bajaj for the photo shoot. We had a ton of people watching us shoot this scene, to my surprise they played their role with pride.

Check out this series...actually the video clip is funnier, with Nico head wobbling as he approach her.

I couldn't stop laughing throughout this shoot. Nico & Emil you're the craziest client...let's do this again :) 

This is my personal favorite ;)