Sydney Cameo

Bambang & Indah

Hey-ho! Ivan here ^_^

I flew over to Sydney to shoot for Bambang and Indah. Great couple to work with. It's so interesting that Indah is from a place called Jayapura. It's like a seven-hour flight from Jakarta to Jayapura. Couples come together from the most unlikely of places. Very cool! Sydney was the city of choice as Bambang used to study in Sydney. He also has a sister there.

A good friend of mine, Ricky, who is also studying in Sydney, filled in as my assistant this time in place of Helen. He didn't necessarily know anything about photography. He just provided us with free transport. Haha.

Three things that Bambang and Indah love to do. Eat, eat and eat. Had so much fun eating with these guys. On a side note, I just have to shout out and say that Kingsford Chinese food is really good! *Random*.

Funny thing that happened, and I kinda feel guilty about this, I asked Bambang to carry Indah and run across Bondi beach. Bambang tripped and sent Indah hurling across quite a distance. Good thing the sands were soft on this side of the world :)

Indah said that Bambang is extremely camera-shy. You'd never find him even in any casual pictures. In most places, Indah would be alone in the photograph. So this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for the world to see him. Haha. His cameo appearance! Hope you both enjoy these pictures ;)

Ivan out!