Chicago charm

Stephan & Agnes

I'm always curious what brought a couple together, how they dated and what made their relationship memorable. For Stephan & Agnes, it's Purdue University..home of the Boilermakers. Agnes first noticed Stephan coz he's the only guy in the gorup who's taking Math major, and she needed help with her course. Being the quiet and shy guy, Stephan leaped to rescue this princess in need. So that's how it all began. Since then they are inseparable, living a good life in the corn field state.

All these shots were taken in Chicago & all around Purdue. This marks my first ever trip to Chicago, and may i say i'm loving it. I love how the city layout is so brilliant, a good mix of skyscrapers, lakes, bridges and parks (all these are natural ingredients in making fabulous shots). I felt like shooting in every corner of Chicago. Instead we chose a few spots like the North Pond (where they had their first date), Navy Pier, the Bean, then some evening shots near the bridge. I love it...I'll come back next year.

By the way, I hope you're not confused by our blog posts, jumping around different cities in no apparent order. Though we travel back & forth to shoot in any city, i'm still not a 'Jumper' times i wish i am *pooof

The next day, i was taken to their beloved campus. After miles and miles of corn fields, we finally arrived in the Purdue University campus. I can't help to notice strange people wearing silly costumes walking all around town, it seems like the whole town is getting ready for a football match. Come to think of it, this is perhaps their only live entertainment in West Lafayette, after that Kmart ranks second..he he just kidding guys :)