Fairy tale romance

William & Amel

For those of you planning a wedding, it's a must to start with a clearly defined theme. That's exactly what William & Amel did. With a theme in mind, it's almost like half the battle. Everything will fall into place, the look & feel of your wedding including the decor, invitation, music and of course your wedding dress. They even took it a step further, having their pre-wedding photos to match the 'Fairy tale romance' inspired wedding.

Thanks to Nefi (the man behind inspiring wedding decorations in town) for introducing us to Amel. After a few meetings we found out that we shot for William's sister wedding a few years back...what a small world.

So on a nice sunny day, we headed up to Jakarta's mountain getaway (Puncak) area to find a charming garden to shoot for this concept. Enjoy ;)