Vonny & Bradley

The Wedding

This is one of those weddings where I seriously felt nothing could go wrong! It was all too magical. Beautiful people, great party, good Bali weather. Seriously, all perfect!

You guys remember when we did Vonny and Bradley's Cinematic Pre-Wedding shots. These guys are just the amazing handsome-beautiful combination. Incredibly great-looking couple! Vonny is all too pretty and elegant. Can't stop shooting her pics. Of course, you too, Bradley ;)

The wedding ceremony was held in Conrad and reception at Villa Semarapura. We seem to cross paths pretty often with Christian of Spectrum Organizers lately - quite the favorite for Bali weddings. A good friend of ours, Jenny, did the immaculate decor.

A nicely sized wedding of about 200 guests. Love parties that start on time. The food selection is an amazing combination of the best Bali food. Including my personal favorite, roast pork from "Ibu Oka"!!! I also noticed that the guests loved having the bar open early before dinner. 

And as always, things get a lot more interesting when friends begin to pack the bar and the music turned up to party level. 

Well this is one of those weddings I'll never forget. The bride and groom actually threw me into the pool. Rock on guys!!! :D