Autumn in Sydney

Charles & Shirley

What better time to visit Sydney than this? Last week we had the best time shooting for Shirley & Charles in Sydney. As always autumn colors are so fabulous to shoot.

It's worth driving two hours north of Sydney to Hunter Valley and getting these pictures. As we were shooting in the field near the vineyards, out of no where two Golden Retrievers came our way and decided to join in the fun. What a perfect day :) 

Bondi beach is not super packed this time of the year. I can't imagine shooting here in summer, when all of Sydney come to soak in the sun. So for now we had the beach to ourselves :)

We always found something new with each visit to the Paddington area. This time it's a little cafe called Lilifields. What an adorable little porch, with a tiny florist and cafe in the backyard. So irristable for us not to jump in, especially after a long flight and a growling tummy.

Here's our quick & refreshing lunch, of course with a double shot espresso to start the day.

As we strolled along Hyde Park, we saw St. Mary's Cathedral on the other end and found it to be the perfect setting.

Shirley had to bear the chill for the next few shots. Somehow she played it cool and made it look so easy. Congrats to both of you! We are so looking forward to shooting your wedding soon :)