Highschool Sweethearts

Tying the Knot

It takes faith to have an outdoor Bali wedding during the rainy season. Since 5 am the rain kept going on and off until late afternoon. Everyone was preparing for plan B, except for the couple. Abdul insisted on having the reception outdoor and guess what..it went perfectly.  What a beautiful wedding :)

5 am make up session by Lisa Luvaze. Still sleepy yet excited for her big day. 

Here comes the groom...

Wonder why Chinese makes good business? Just look at this tea ceremony tradition. A simple exhange of a cup of tea and the happy couple gets cash, gold and diamonds. There's no better margin that this!! He he...just kidding ;) We should treasure this tradition of paying respect and giving blessings. 

After lunch, they visited a temple near Kuta for blessings and exhange of rings.

Showing off the real you...

From here onwards, we have the weather on our side. Prayers answered or perhaps their 'pawang hujan' just woke up after all night partying in Bali.

Only 60 guests, mostly famliies were invited to this intimate wedding. The party is set on the breathtaking cliffside villa in Ritz Carlton.

Mr & Mrs join the party.

One of the cutest wedding cake, notice Abdul trying to climb up the cake and their 2 little dogs joining them too.

Inggrid proposed the toast

Angel, Siany's bridesmaid dedicated a song as well.

Angel (the bridesmaid) fell during bouquet toss, for those of you curious on how it happen, here's the sequence. After a closer look, she actually got the flower first.

This poor boy dozed off during dinner ;)

Big thanks to the team at Ritz Carlton Bali, and Christian's team for organizing such a lovely wedding. This would not have been possible without your hardwork, especially putting up with the unusual wind and rain.

Here's our Axioo team, looking more like clowns than photographers ;)