Maureen & Dimax

The Wedding

Congrats to Momo & Dimax!! We had so much fun shooting your wedding. It's really great to finally see both of you tying the knot.

Looking at Momo's cheek-to-cheek smile, no one will notice her lack of sleep. I've known her for a while now, from one wedding to another. It all started from her friend Yolanda's wedding a few years ago, then her sister Monique's wedding in Bali and recently she was Rani's bride's maid. All this while, she has always been the cheerful friend helping out in weddings. Today, it's her own big day ;)

Priyo designed this light and elegant dress, using intricate lace. I love how it fits Maureen.


More calls came in to congratulate Momo. 

Here comes the groom...Dimax! We've been bumping into each other at several weddings too, including this one when he was the groomsman for Michael's wedding. What comes around, goes it's your turn bro.

For the wedding car, they originally set out to have an old Mini Cooper. Found it, and the owner was even willing to take off one of the seat to accomodate her wedding dress...but it seems to tight for a comfortable ride. Instead, they found a really awesome old classic car (used by Indonesia's first president). Check out the details..

I love this series of her getting out of the car.

As they walked down the aisle, the father of the bride had mixed both extremes, thrilled, proud, and at the same time holding up his tears.



"You may kiss the bride"


Rani returns the favor, this time it's her turn to be bride's maid. Notice her 'bump'? Yes, baby's on the way :) Can you guess if it's a little Rani or Tossie? Anyway Tossie, the happy dad to be, was busy choosing names all morning. In my experience, it takes more than just one morning to settle on a name.

They exit the church, showered with flower petals.


Actually i really felt the Blackberry fever on her wedding, friends left messages in Chat, Facebook, sms, and so many other avenues to say how happy they were for the couple. Not only that, friends casually shoot a few shots of the bride and send it to other friends who couldn't make it. 



Their goofy side..

All decor by Lotus :)

Friends are encouraged to write for the couple on these paper, which were then hung on decorated branches. Good idea.

The reception was held in Dharmawangsa Hotel, using both indoor ballroom and the outdoor garden. The garden is transformed into this beautiful space with mostly white and a touch of yellow flowers. The floral chandelier is impressive, and Maureen loves the swings at corner.

Radi & Marcelline entertained the crowd with their well written speech. 


Yes, you are next! Marcelline is getting married soon :)