Julia & Gilroy

Bali Wedding

We had so much fun shooting Julia & Gilroy's wedding at Khayangan Villa, Bali. It's one of the smallest and most intimate wedding I've been to. They chose to share their day with 50+ of their closest friends and family, instead of the typical ballroom wedding with guests list running in the thousands. This is beautiful.

Actually the party started the night before with their old friends coming over to villa (oops those pictures are needs to go through strict screening before we can post them here on our blog...he he so we'll just keep that private).To me, this wedding is so Gilroy, in his laid back, relax kind of way. Nothing serious, no fix schedule, lots of breaks in between. Yet you'll notice Julia's touch in every little detail, from her choice of dress (by Vera Wang), hand bouquet (white and pink roses with purple orchids), intricate invitation (laser cut black acrylic with a touch of fuschia)...she has a great taste!

Here's a few pics in the morning as they're getting ready..

Another look at her dress, simple yet elegant.

Somehow Gilroy looks very Korean, i'm not sure if it's his eys, lips or hair..or maybe a combination of them all. 무슨 일이 사람 = "What's up man?!"

Groomsmen imported from Singapore & Taiwan, all of them old buddies of Gilroy back in Singapore & Vancouver days.

Julia was peeping through as her parents escorted Gilroy walking backwards into the room.

Even Ken & Barbie gets their shot of being romantic.

We managed to snap a few shots before the sun got down. Isn't she gorgeous?

So this is the lucky winner of contest! Friends get to pose with a life size cut out poster of the bride and groom. We captured a whole bunch of wacky friends doing unthinkable actions. But this one lucky couple went home with the prize, a foot massager (o boy i really need that)