Rani & Tossie

Bali wedding

It's a long weekend for me. Just before leaving to shoot 2 out of town weddings in Bali & Semarang, we were working on our solo exhibition in Plaza Indonesia (for those of you who couldn't make it, i promise to give you a little sneak peek on what we're doing)

The first one is Rani & Tossie's wedding in Conrad Bali, i've been looking forward to shoot their wedding for months...they are so fun to be around with, i know i'll have a blast on their wedding. On the way there, i thought to myself ,"This is just what i need...a refreshing break from Jakarta's ballroom wedding". It's so beautiful! The weather was great, big blue sky, with a nice cool breeze by the beach.

I love Rani's dress, so casual and yet elegant. It fits her perfectly. And i just love how effortless she walks and run with this dress, that's how it should be. Dress by Biyan.

Here's another reason why i enjoy shooting a Bali wedding: The bride doesn't need to start too early. Rani's started doing her make up at about 1 pm, which gives her plenty of time to enjoy breakfast and also a lot more energy to last through the night for reception and even when there's an after party.

Maid of Honor: Maureen, Bridesmaids: Riri & Tari

Say a little prayer before the ceremony..

Introducing the lucky groom: Tossie, real name: Wisnu Cahyo Santoso. I like the short and cool name Tossie better. Funny as always, he strikes a a pose before walking down the aisle. Right behind him, that's Dimax (bestman). I heard they had a bachelor party for just the two of them...wonder what happened.

This is what makes Conrad a favorite place for wedding ceremony. A modern, intimate "Infinity" chapel overlooking the Indian Ocean. I love how her veil catches the wind. It's gorgeous :)

With a little over 300 guests attending the reception, almost half of them made it for the ceremony. So other than this cute little chapel, which only fits around 50 guests, a huge tent was set up across the chapel to accomodate most of the guests. Friends and famliy witnessed their union from a live feed on plasma TV, all in the comfort of air-conditioned tent.

Here's comes the good old friends, who stick with you no matter what. They came all the way to Bali to be a part of this beautiful day.

I love this shot when we're all walking back from the beach :)

We're amazed at the decor! This tent was set up by the beach and decorated with more than 500 lanterns. Nefi did an awesome job!!

Big thanks to Tiara & team of organizers of organizers who made it all so perfect!